“Prior to my consultation with Nabeela, I found it extremely difficult to follow conversation. After my consultation with Nabeela I could follow and understand, which enables me to converse. I am grateful to Nabeela for the service and assistance given to me.” – Mr Panday (88 years)

“I have had a hearing aid put in by Nabeela and I am very thrilled with her, she has been very sweet and helpful. My hearing aid is working like a bomb and I don’t know how I lived without it before I had it. I am terribly thrilled with my hearing aid, I am loving it because I can hear what people are saying – you are so lost when you can’t hear. Nabeela has opened up the world for me! I can’t thank her enough for what she done for me! Nothing has been too much trouble for her, you don’t often get somebody that takes the trouble to do something that we old people want and she has done it! Congratulations!” – Mrs Nancy Norris (95 years)