Earwax is a substance that is naturally found in the outer ear/ear canal, it protects the ear from bacteria and other foreign bodies that can harm this delicate area. Additionally, the wax acts as a natural lubricant for the ear and ear canal. However, when it accumulates in large quantities, it can cause discomfort for some as well as irritation, dizziness, hearing difficulty, a feeling that there’s something stuck in the ear, and itching. Earwax should not be removed using an ear bud. Usage of an ear bud only pushes the wax further into the ear canal and is therefore not advisable. Using an ear bud may cause harm or pain to an individual and is frowned upon by health care practitioners. Patel & Suleman Audiologists pride ourselves in effective wax management. The ear is syringed using warm water and specialised techniques, ensuring a thorough cleansing of the ear.